Friday, March 23, 2007

The calm before the storm...

No, I haven’t forgotten about my dear friends in blogland, it’s been quite a week and there’s been no news really on my side, hopefully only 3 or 4 days from AF and my next IUI cycle ….I have tried everything that I know to bring AF on early but no such luck…she’s a stubborn wench…never here when you need her and always around when you don’t. I’ve had a look and I see that I haven’t had a cycle longer than 28 days in the last 6 months or so, so hopefully nothing has changed. I have however had shorter cycles but that would just be too much to ask for since Murphy that MO-FO is prolly hiding around the corner…

I must agree with Sticky bun…this IF thing is getting a bit old, just a little bit too monotonous for me too, but for my sanity…I have to believe that there will be an end to all this…someday (hopefully in the not too distant future).

Frank and I have both been fine and it does help that I have just left things for now, it’s really pointless trying to plan something you have no control over anyway (says me, the control freak) and so we don’t speak about the IF thing at all. We start again when AF comes as my first scan and Fem.ara refill falls on CD2.

It’s been a busy funny kind of week, I have a real limbo feeling about me, I feel a bit off but nothing I can really put my finger on…maybe I’m just a bit anxious or is it the calm before the storm??

So many ladies are in their 2ww, I’m really praying that they all turn into two lovely pink lines…Mands, Anns and BB really praying hard for you guys, Sticky Bun – don’t give up hope until the fat lady signs and as for reproductive jeans – good luck with your IUI this month!! And finally yay yay yay for the all clear for Bumble…good luck with those injections sweetie!!

On another note, Greg is doing much better now and is home, he is still battling with a few things and there is still come swelling on the brain that they are waiting to down. He is on loads of meds now and needs to have someone with him 24hrs a day. The Dr’s say that we will only be able to asses permanent damage after 6 months or so. Thank you all again for all your prayers, things are definitely looking up.


Sarah said...

it's nice that you guys are giving yourselves a break and not talking IF for now. there will be enough of that once the cycle gets going. so hard to try to have a normal life when you've got daily wandings, gotta take the days off when you can get 'em.

hope AF gets here soon and best of luck this cycle!

Mands said...

Thank you as always for the support, Tam. I have had a week very similar to yours (you could probably tell by reading my post.)
Sorry I have not mailed you, for that reason.
This IF business is really up and down, never a constant. Luckily we have our friends to keep us sane.
Lots of luck for your new cycle, hope it comes sooner than Mo-Fo Murphy predicts.
*Your special friend* - Mands

Baby Blues said...

I'm glad Greg is recuperating at home. Praying he'll have a complete recovery in 6 months.

Thanks for the support Tam. It really means a lot to me. I'll be there cheering you on in your upcoming cycle! It'll come soon.

Sticky Bun said...

Thanks for the support, Tam! Everybody's comments and virtual hope mean so much and really help pull me up when I need to muster the energy for another cycle.

I hope AF shows up soon so you can move on to the next cycle! And, you're so right that we need to hold on to the thought that this WILL work and we'll get past this soon. So, here's to hope in our next cycles. :-)