Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Let's get this ball rolling...

I can't tell you how excited I am, I started BCP today!

My CD3 scan at Vitalab went well, Dr G counted about 10 antral follies in total, it was a quick spin on the wand so i'm sure there will be more follies to stimm with but i'll be happy with 10 too, I've come to the conclusion that more is not always better anyway!

I started Min.ulette today...feels strange popping BCP again but i have to remind myself that this is for a good cause. I'm feeling so good about this cycle, Frank is not as eager but I think that it's because he's worried about his SA. We are planning on going away for a long weekend in June so our IVF has been moved around a bit....here's the timeline:

20 May - Start BCP - done
6 June - Last BCP & Frank SA
10 June - Breakthrough bleed (hopefully)
11 June - Start Stimms
19 June - Last Stimm
20 June - Trigger
22 June - Retrieval
27 June - Transfer of blasts!!

This obviously is not written in stone and could change, starting stimms is subject to Frank's SA being good, Dr G is positive that it will be fine but like always - time will tell.

It really looks wierd when I put it down on paper, in just over a month I'll be a doing a transfer, whew! I'm only on BCP for 18 days this time which was nice of Dr G to try and accomodate our weekend away but it will also depends on when stimms start because I'll need to start cetro.tide on about day 5 or 6 of stimms...

So that's it people, here we go again....this ball is a little rusty but it's starting to roll!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


My appointment with Dr V went *okay* today, he did a scan and lo and behold, I've ovulated!

Heaven only know's what's happening with my body, temp is still low so the first time in 3 years taking my temp has not been accurate! The good news is that all the pain on my right hand side hasn't been for nothing, I ovulated from that side this month - first time in history - Thank you Dr Debbie!!

They did a progesterone and oestrogen test to make sure and to hopefully give me a little input on when to expect AF so I'm not totally surprised. My lining was 8.7mm which is okay but could be better I suppose but at least it's over 7mm!

Frank's news wasn't as good as mine. According to Dr V men that have temps from 38.0 and upwards have a 50/50 chance of the sperm being damaged and if Frank falls under the bad side of the 50/50 chance then it could take up to 6 months for it to recover. Not. Good. News :(

So, all is not lost and it's still a waiting game. The plan is to start BCP on day 3 of my next cycle, Frank will go for a SA on day 18 or 19 of me being on BCP and we'll go from there. If the sperm is fine then at least I'll already have almost completed my BCP and I can start stimms, if not then it'll be the same procedure every month until the sperm is fine. I'm not sure I like the idea of staying on BCP for more than a month but I need to try and take this one step at a time now and just wait and see.

I'm waiting for Dr V to contact me re the blood tests and will ask him if getting Frank on supplements will help. He hasn't been on anything except a mulit-vitamin and Vit C as we never really had any sperm problems.

So for now we wait and pray that we are on the other side of the statistics for once, it's hard to keep the faith when everything keeps on letting you down. F*%$ you, Murphy!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Lessons in infertility!

So girls, this has finally gotten the better of me....

I woke up this morning and took my temp, I was so sure that I ovulated yesterday since my EWCM has turned creamy and my boobs are killing me, they are just so sore it's not funny....anyway, temp is stuck at 36.4 - definately no ovulation to speak of there!

I mailed Dr V about Franks fever and how it would affect his sperm for our IVF and I told him about my strange 22 day cycle last month and my no ovulation this month.....his reply:

Dear Tammy,
Please come in for a scan, we'll discuss the semen etc during the scan....

Mmmmm, so i'm going in bright and early for a swing on the dildocam....wish me luck, I'm quite scared now that there's something wrong, maybe I should have seen them earlier....lesson # 2567 in infertility!

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Well it seems that Murphy just couldn't resist the urge to ruin my fun! Frank has been awfully sick the past few days, he's had a fever ranging from 38C to 39.3C for two days!

We went to the dr after the first night that we couldn't break his temp, I've never seen him so sick before, she did some blood test and came back saying that it's a bacterial infection of some sort. The poor man, his fever kept on spiking - it would shoot up, stay up for an hour and break and then the same thing would happen. This went on for two days but now it seems that we've finally managed to get it under control and the antibiotics are finally starting to kick in! I'm worried because he's not really eating and everything that goes in comes out, it's really quite frightening but I'm trying to stop him from getting dehydrated by making sure he's getting lots of fluids.

It does seem like he's finally on the mend but obviously the fever that he had for two days puts a bit of a spanner in the works when it comes to planning our IVF. It's been a year now since our first IVF so I pressume they'd want to do another SA anyway to make sure that all the boys are still doing okay. I'm worried tho that the fever that he's had now will affect our IVF in two months time - any ideas?

I think that I'll mail Dr. V and ask him what he thinks, I know it takes 72 days for sperm to grow and mature so hopefully the fever wouldn't have affected the sperm that was already maturing because if things work out right, we'll need his "contribution" in about 54 days....

Murphy, you mo-fo!

In other news, if any of you have seen the O fairy of late, please send her my way once you finished with her! I'm on CD16 today, temp still low but have had EWCM for the last 3 days so hoepefully somethings gonna happen soon. Frank and I have had to make peace with the fact that there will be no trying on our own this month since he is man down, I'm okay with that tho...it would have been nice if by some chance we could have done this ourselves but hey, IVF it is because I'm not putting this off any longer!!