Saturday, May 12, 2007

Putting all my eggs in one basket??

I have spent the last few days in a bit of a daze, all this info is floating around in my head and I’ve really tried not to over-analyze everything too much…now that really takes ultra control on my part and is not easy for me.

And then I got the phone call this morning from Christina, our nurse at Vita.lab saying that she had spoken to one of the IVF doctors and he said that if we want he is happy to do ICSI on half our eggs – flat spin, oh fuck what to do, what to do. So, I said thank you *.

Another thing I discovered yesterday whilst looking at my IVF paperwork and protocol details is that I started BCP on CD4 (because that’s what the other nurse told me to do the day I went for my bloods) anyway, I was supposed to start on CD3 according to Christina’s paperwork, I told Frank and he said that he was sure that it made no difference, well…I happened to think it did and so when Christina phoned me this morning I asked her about it and just clarified when I should go for my first Lu.crin shot, she said that I should start Lu.crin a day later (mmmm, I was right again, take that Frank!!) and then said, so we’ll see you on Thursday then, I was like “huh, I thought I was supposed to come on Tuesday then, I’ll be on CD19 then already and then she proceeded to explain to me that I must start my Lu.crin on the 18th day on birth control and not the 18th day of my cycle….oh, light switch – this is complicated stuff!! So anyway, I start my Lu.crin injections on Thursday next week then. I will have 1 BCP left then and hopefully it wont take too long for AF to show (never thought you’d hear me say the eh?).

Now, that’s all fine, I’ve worked things out best I can and it seems that I will have my ER and ET in the first week of June (we all know that this can change)….geez, that’s like just around the corner, my dilemma*, however ~ is now deciding whether to do ICSI at all. You see, when we had out IVF appt the other day, I spoke to Christina about it and she that with a case like ours they shouldn’t need to do it and that my eggs should have no problem fertilizing at all as there is no male factor involved…however, we have learnt differently here in blogland (we just have to look at Bumble and Sarah to see that you don’t need to have a male factor involved for the eggs not to fertilize)…she also went to on say that the success rates are lower with ICSI and that once you start fiddling with the eggs you can’t be sure that they are going to survive the procedure…so now, dear friends here in blogland, I am confused, I have no idea how I feel about this whole thing…I actually prefer not being given a choice sometimes.

I think that what we need to do is speak to the Dr and get his opinion for one and for two, we need to wait and see how many eggs we get, if we get a decent amount then there will be no question, obviously if the rest fertilize naturally then we’ll use those first but at least we wont be putting all our eggs in one basket, so to speak. Please let me know what ya’ll think and what you guys would do given the choice, I really value your opinion…
Oh Oh, I have sore-est (yes, I know that's not word) boobies that I have ever had, now I know real boobie pain, friggin hell, they hurt not having anything against them and they hurt having something against them, geez man I had a terrible nights sleep because of the damn things, must be the pill...


Becks said...

Aren't decisions when it comes to IVF just the worst thing? you want to say to them 'you make the decision, that's your job. If you say jump I'll say ask high. I am your slave, your command I will follow'.

I can't help with this one, we've no choice as we're on the ICSI ride.

Your suggestion to see how many eggs there are, seems like a good one.

Sarah said...

well keep in mind that my fertilization problem is, they say, really rare. in fact, i was told by the perinatalogist the other day that the chances are higher that it was a lab problem rather than a sperm/egg problem. i'm not even going downt hat road, but point is, they do usually fertilize on their own.

that said, there is a small increased chance of problems whenever you do micromanipulation, but the odds are so low that some clinics do ICSI on all IVF patients. but success with micromanipulation varies a lot from one clinic to another since it depends largely on the particular skills of the embryologist. so you might want to look up your clinics ICSI success rates.

i know i've only given you more to think about, but basically i like your idea of possibly doing half but deferring to the doc. much as we feel we know our bodies/cycles/protocols better than they do (and we often do!), let's face it, they are the expects on fertilization and embryos and they know what tends to work for them.

Sarah said...

yikes, what a lot of typos. hopefully you deciphered all that!

Carrie said...

That's a tough one.
I'm sorry I'm of no use in helping you decide. Let's hope there are a load of eggs and it all becomes more academic.

I agree with Becks comment, the amount of decision making that's left to the patient. Now I have a few control issues I wouldn't appreciate being TOLD what was to happen without consultation but a bit of advice would help. Surely all those years at medical school mean that the doctor is best placed. I'm about to choose from a list of drugs and so far I'm looking at drawing straws to decide!

I think half in half sounds good, and I'm hoping the halves are huge.

Bumble said...

Hey Tam! Sorry your BB's are so sore, yowzer man. Lie down with a hot water bottle on them, that helps me.

As for the ICSI, the only reason I suggested that is obviously talking from my own fertilization experience. I can't help but think we might have had another 7 embies in the freezer if only we'd have done ICSI first. I never though my eggs wouldn't fertilize but you never know what will happen. Hindsight is always 20/20 hey. Saying that, I think that because they've found a few problems with you already, maybe the fertilization is not your issue at all. But I guess you'll only know then. Its a kind of safety net I guess. I just think that it might save you from having to do another fresh cycle if you only get one or two embies and heaven forbid, they don't work out. But we're all different, and do what you feel is right. Half is a safe bet, but maybe they just do Rescue ICSI if they need to? Good Luck with your decision, but don't worry about it too much... It will work out. xxx

Reproductive Jeans said...

Ohhh the ICSI question...well we are in this boat due to Mook's MFI--so with his numbers, our best of the best chance for this to work is with ICSI--as with IVF, there are pros and cons--just have to make a descision and trust it. I know that is easier said than done...but feel free to email me if you have any questions!