Thursday, May 17, 2007

I've got mail and other stuff...

I have received 3 post cards from ladies in the Braces bunch!! Thanks so much ladies…I’m getting on top of sending mine, I promise…life has been hectic lately.

I have also decided to join the ladies in their quest to give up caffeine (thanks to Stickybun)… reflexologist advised that I only drink one cuppa a day once starting my Lu.crin, no Rooibos for me as it’s too acidic, no green tea (way too much caffeine) and no normal tea either….so, it’s water and watered down fruit juice for me from today. She said that I can still drink a tea called “Honeybush” so I might try doing that….I also have to increase my fluid intake to 3 litres a day once starting my Lu.crin so getting used to all this is going to a bit of a mission, I have already cut down to one cup of coffee a day and drink around 2 litres of water a day anyway so we’ll see how it goes….
Other than that I am feeling fine (except for the fact that I hardly slept last night and I could have slept for another hour and a half at least but here I am), a bit nervous about todays Dr's visit but also excited too. I was also wrong about another thing, I have to finish the two pills in the red section on the other side of the pack aswell, so all in all….I’ll be on BCP for 21 days…I figure AF will take two or three days to show her face so I expect to start my meno.pur sometime next week…things are moving along here ladies….this train goes way faster than I expected!!! I have also started yogalates (a mix of yoga and pillates) three times a week and am seeing my reflexologist once a week until my ET…other than that life is just dandy!
I still have excruciatingly sore boobies which nothing seems to help, but I think it’s just from the BCP...
Frank also told me for the first time that he is scared of doing this IVF, the other night we were lying in bed just cuddling and talking and he said it, I was actually taken aback a bit because it came from no-where…all of a sudden…"Babe, I’m scared of doing this IVF" and so I asked why (duh, prolly the same friggin’ reason’s I’m scared but I’m not the brightest at the best of times) and he said that he’s scared the it doesn’t work, he’s scared of not being able to afford it soon again, he’s scared of more hurt and he’s scared for me – scared that I’m not going to be okay if this fails….I almost cried but for a change I just held him and said that it was all going to be okay and we will be, we will be okay…somehow we’ll get through this like we always do, together.
I think that it’s finally starting to hit home now, my BCP is almost finished and it’s injection time…he’s worried about me, how I’m going get through all this but I’m stronger than he thinks and I have him to love me and I have you guys too….I’m extremely thankful for all that.
I've also been very busy organising a (work - from our company) baby shower for a friend at work, it's been difficult (not for my own selfish reasons) but because she's so damn picky...this is her second baby and she know's exactly what she likes and doesn't like and you would think that's easy...well, it's not. It's been a rather trying experience for me and thankfully it'll be over by the end of the day!! I'm really not as patient as I used to be with people. Then I have her home baby shower to attend this weekend and another one after that (my cousin and his 15yr old girlfriend are expecting next month - yeah - nice one, don't let me even start on that one) my weekend is going to be rather interesting but I'll be strong and get through with a smile on my face - even if it is a fake one!!!
Excuse all the dots in between the lines, if I don't do that then everything is merged into one...oh the joy of technology, Frank says that there is a setting that is wrong but nothing has changed - damn computers!!


Mands said...

Shewee girlfriend - you sound as busy as me! Glad to hear how positive you are about the IVF, and all the lifestyle changes can't hurt either - you're a shining example my friend.
(PS I did reply to your mail - hope you got it?)

Baby Blues said...

I'm excited to start IVF but I'm also scared. Because I'm not sure if I could handle a BFN. It terrifies me. But we just have to do what we have to do and be brave in carrying on with hope.

ultimatejourney said...

Congratulations on the new beverage and exercise routine. It can only help your chances. My fingers are crossed for you.

Sarah said...

it really does go fast once you get going, doesn't it? how nice that you had that moment with the hubs, sounds like he will be really supportive.

Kate said...

Congrats on the new health routine and good luck with the IVF!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is scary, and i think it is great that dh is talking to you about it! You will do this IVF, and get through it together.

btw... maybe i am a beotch... but why is someone on their second baby having multiple baby showers? Especially being PICKY about said showers???

Carrie said...

Yikes. That's a lot you've got going on there.

I feel for your husband. I think they feel if so differently from us. I can see why he's scared. It's a scary ride, no mistake. My husband has kind of settled me down a little. His reckoning is that, yes it is scary but the alternative is not trying and that's worse. Sometimes I believe it and sometimes I'm still scared.

I have to agree with Aunt Sassy, I think that person is pushing her luck a little. We don't do baby showers over here so I'm no expert but from where I'm sitting that seems excessive.

Bumble said...

Hey you!!! It all sounds grovy at the moment, you're really on your way, my goodness this will fly now, you'll see. I've got a really good feeling about it for you Tambo. Whatever happens though, you'll make it through, us infertiles are brave souls. I didn't know Rooibos was too acidic. Shitzen, its all I've been drinking because its caffeine free. Doht. Good luck at the showers, 3 seems like friggin torture. xxx

Reproductive Jeans said...

Welcome to the caff-free club! Its gonna be hard, but we can do it!
So glad you are remaining positive about the upcoming journey--I am scared too--some days more than others--but I guess that comes with the teritory. Just hang in there--and hang onto HOPE=) Glad you have been getting some BB mail!

TeamWinks said...

I can see how both of you would be nervous, scared, and excited. There's so much that rides on an IVF cycle. Hang in there.

Sticky Bun said...

As JJ said, welcome to the caff-free club! I'm (finally) off the juice for took me a bit longer, but what can do you? :-)

And, it's so wonderful that hubby opened up to you like that about his IVF fears. And he's so right--the fear of an IVF-BFN is big. But, as you said, no matter what, you (and we all) will get through it. And be parents.

Good luck with everything--I'm hoping for you as always!