Friday, July 11, 2008

Here we go again....

Well folks, the results are in:

57 million per ml compared to 22million per ml
4% Morphology - up from 3% - they say that 4% is good and that morphology rarely gets any better than that?
35% Motility - only up 5% but we gonna try some Vit C and they also adding some medium to the spec jar next time which should help the boys swim better!
So all in all, we're happy. It's been an emotional morning, I'm relieved and scared at the same time, scared because now it's so real!

I took my last pill yesterday, now we wait for a breakthrough bleed and start stimms on day 2 which will most probably be Monday. So that means retrieval will be in about 2 weeks. Oh my word!!

Let's hope that this is the last one and that the lucky gonal f from sweet Bumble does the trick.

Buckle up because this time it's for real, here we go again!!


Carrie said...

That's great news.

You're right about the rollercoaster though, it is the nature of the game.

I hope the 'lucky gonal f' is the charm.

All the very best x

Sarah said...

i'm hoping she brings you luck too! sounds like pretty good news so far. the added medium sounds very promising too.

Anonymous said...

Oh Tam. Whishing you both all the best this round. Lets pray this is the one. God know's, IVF is NOT a bunch of fun,with far too many pass/fail points along the way.
Here's to seeing you pass all the critical points with flying colours.

Bumble said...

Awesome amazing news, yahoo Tam! Bring on Monday, I'm so excited for you guys!!! C'mon the lucky Gonal F!!!!

Hayley said...

Good luck Tam, will be thinking about you!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yay! I know you're scared but I am praying HUGE prayers that lucky # 3 does it for you guys!!!

ultimatejourney said...

I'm so happy for you guys! Best of luck!