Monday, July 28, 2008

15 Eggs...

My retrieval was yesterday. This last week hasn't been easy what with little Abi, my IVF sort of took a back seat but yesterday morning as I was getting ready to go to Vitalab it hit me, all of a sudden things felt very real and I was quite scared.

It all went off without a hitch, I had to wait for two ladies who's blasts were hatching to have their transfer before me but I went in about 8:45. Dr V is lovely, I cannot thank that man enough for being so kind and caring, before I knew it I was fast asleep and waking up in the ward with hardly any pain at all.

Even my bladder co-operated for a change, I dozed on and off until just after 10, had a cup of tea and a pee and we were on our merry way. Dr V was very happy, we got 15 eggs and the sperm was perfect, I phone at 10 this morning for our first fert report.

After my ER we went to see little Abi who is still being kept by the vet, she's looking better but still not eating, I cried so when I held her. They say that she is looking a bit better this morning and hopefully she'll eat soon because as soon as she's eating again she can come home. Our house feels so empty without her and we both miss her soooo much!

My pain started about 4 yesterday, they said that I can take stil.pain (as many as I need) but I'm trying to cope without them (that is not going so well). I'm very bloated and moving around too much hurts but it was the same last time, the only difference is that I am back at work today....aaargh!

Will update with a fert report later...thanks once again for all your love and prayers!!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear your fert report. 15 eggs is excellent, but I'm not surprised you're having some pain today. The most follicles I ever had aspirated in an IVF were 14 and I was quite sore and bloated for quite a few days afterwards.

Zeu said...

Hi Tam,

So glad all went well with the ER :) Nice number of eggies..

Just a small note re Abi, I have a 7 week old puppy who unfortunately suffered the same fate as her.. Spent two days in hospital on a drip, had vomiting and runny tummy.. In any case to cut a very long story short, the vet gave me some Tinned food (Hills A/D) to boost the little one and hopefully get an appetite going whilst eating healthy nutritious food. He is now at home and has turned into a food frenzied monster, he loves the tinned food.. Perhaps give it a try when she gets home, or ask your vets opinion.

Hope both you and Abi have very good news for us shortly :D