Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Operation Ovulation!!!

Well well ladies, my detox is finished...thank goodness for that!!

We are now doing "operation ovulation", operation ovulation involves lots of s*x....until a rise in temp, Dr P suggested that we do days 11 - 14 and I'm on day 14 today but still no temp rise so we'll have "another go" tonight :))

As you can see, I am feeling much more cheerful and finally getting back to normal, I am so so glad that the detox is finished, you wouldn't believe it. I had my last colonic on Saturday and my last AC session on Sunday, my Darling hubby was a brave boy and did AC with me, have I ever told you how much I love that man!

So now, besides having loads of s*x, i am doing a post-colonic eating plan which is similar to the way the detox started but a little different....

Breakfast - Cooked oat bran with raisons, butter and honey to flavour
Mid morning snack - Fruit and sunflower seeds & raisons
Lunch - Steamed veggies and brown/basmati rice
Mid afternoon snack - More fruit or nuts
Dinner - A large salad/steamed veg

Not too bad eh? I need to do this for the next two weeks, especially since we are hoping for conception....double yeah! There are a few more things that I can eat, I am allowed some chicken or fish every 3rd night or so but I'll let you know what's on the do and don't list in the next post.

Should that BFP elude me once again then it'll be a slight change to the eating plan and AC on CD8, 10 & 12 again and we'll go from there. I am to carry on the Agnes during the 2ww and Dr P says that we'll start progesterone once a pregnancy is established and not before because according to him, too much progesterone before implantation is not a good thing - time will tell I suppose??

In other news, my baby sister is 21 today. How I love that little soul - just wanted to mention her because she is so special in my life and I really wish her all the best!

Not much else is happening in the land of Peanut, one of Frank's friends phoned the other night to tell us that his wife is expecting their second child, I never fell off the wagon, I had the normal twitch of dissapointment but I know that our turn will come...very soon I hope!

Please go over and send your love to Mands, she is going through a rough time right now and could use all the love that you wonderful chicks in blogland have to give.

And that concludes the end of my 100th post, can't believe that so much has happened since I started this blog, I am very glad that I did because one day I'll look back at our journey with all the details and then I'll be able to put it all to rest and of-course there's all of you that read this and give me the support I need, I love you guys xxx


JJ said...

Happy 100 my dear friend! Sounds like the detox is going MUCH smoother now--glad for that! I hope the s*x brings a great ending to this cycle;)

Charne Trollip said...

Hope the detox, healthy eating and all the s*x brings you your little miracle baby this month

Carrie said...

Happy 100th post!

I'm so glad you are feeling happy and positive. I do think it makes a bit of difference.

Well done on the detox, I hope it has the desired effect xx

Foreverhopeful said...

Congrats on your 100th post. Glad to hear your detox is over and glad to hear you are in better spirits.. :) Hope all this positive energy and health eating leads to your miracle soon..!

stickybun07 said...

Happy 100th! Wishing you the best coming out of this admirable detox!