Monday, February 26, 2007

Prayers please....

First of all, I just want to say thanks for all your messages...still getting into this so will get to your blogs in due time....Thanks for the refferal Madam Bumble....hehe!

It has been quite a weekend...most of it was quite good, if not a bit too much alcohol induced but hey, that's what taking a break is for, none of this normal two week wait nonsense for me right now and I must say I really had a good go at it!!

But unfortunately it all has to end somewhere, hangover or not....we got a call early yesterday morning, from Frank's sister, to say that Greg (her husband) had been in a cycling accident and had been taken to hospital....she would let us know what happened. We then received a phone call 10 minutes later to say that he was quite of-course we rushed off to hospital.

We spent all day at the hospital, Greg is now in ICU after being operated on my a maxilo facial surgeon to try and fix his face a bit....38 stitches just on his face. He has been stitched everywhere else aswell, his hands and knees that where cut to the bone. He is now what they call stable, but they always tell you the worst case senario.

Greg has a severe head trauma, with bleeding on the brain. For now they can't tell us whether they will need to operate or whether the bleeding and swelling will increase, it is on the side of the brain that controls speech and right motor function so we'll have to see what the next few days bring. From the hospital we went to spend some time with their kinds as Miggy was staying at the hospital with him for the night, we bathed them, fed them, got them settled and into bed. Frank's mom stayed with them for the night, we are all shattered today and i'm sure it's going to be a very long week. They have three kids, Jessica is 8, Sarah is 7 and Ryan is only 3 (he turned 3 on Sat)....they are taking it like kids do, the one minute they are crying the next they are laughing. Ryan seems to be taking it quite badly, he doesn't understand what is going on and keeps on asking for his daddy.

Greg was supposed to ride his 10th Argus in two weeks, the doctor said that if he recovers from this then he doesn't ever want him on a bike again. They were riding a last "practice" race, They ride a tandem and where in the front of the pack on a downhill going about 70km/h whens someone clipped thier front wheel and they went down, it's unfortunate as Greg landed on his face just below is helmet. Andy (his brother) came away with a lot of cuts and scrapes and a dislocated finger, but emotionally is in quite a bit of shock as Greg was passed out and battling to breath until the paramedics got there.

Please pray for a good recovery for Greg and strength for his family to get through this.

Other than that, life goes on regardless.

Old faithfull is on her way, after all this time she thinks I can't feel her sneaking up on me, hey Aunt flo....I'm a pro at this!!


Mands said...

So so sorry about Greg. My dad and hubby are doing the Argus, and I worry about them constantly. Cycling can be a dangerous sport, and those tandems do go really fast. In 2005 my best friend broke her back after being hit by a car, I have not been back on the bike much ever since.
I hope he has a full and speedy recovery.

Tam said...

I know, my husband used to cycle aswell, but when we started have fertility problems and the false sperm problem scare, the dr's recommended that he cut down....he hasn't been on a bike since (can't say i'm not relieved) It's become so dangerous now, many of our friends have been hit by cars, fallen in races etc but this is by far the worst. How's the 2ww going?

Bumble said...

Oh my goodness Tam, I'm really sorry about Greg, he's in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you're okay skattie.

AND, I'm sorry to hear the witch Flo is knocking... but its not over that that fat cow sings hey! xxx

Baby Blues said...

Hi Tam! I'm here from Mands and Bumble. Sorry to hear about Greg's cycling accident. I hope he recovers fast.

I hate how Aunt Flo sneaks up on me. But this time I'm expecting her and I can't wait for her arrival.

Mands said...

2ww is driving me batty. I am sick of waiting. I want closure. One way or another. My hubby has been on Stamino.gro for quite a long time which has improved his sperm quite a bit. He is riding every day now, but I think he will ease off a lot after the Argus - just in time for my IVF! YAY!